Stop Getting a Yeast Infection After Sexual Activity – Learn to Prevent it From Happening Again

QuestionsStop Getting a Yeast Infection After Sexual Activity – Learn to Prevent it From Happening Again
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Garlic in either pill or edible form  [url][/url] is also a great way to boost immune system function. Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Two to three capsules of Kyolic garlic in pill form will provide you with a great barrier against colds and flues. Colloidial silver is likewise a great source of protection for it also has antiviral properties.
L-Lysine and N-acetylcystein are also both great for combating flues. L-Lysine not only helps ward off and fight viral infections but is also useful for preventing cold sore outbreaks-a common occurrence when the body is ill and under stress. N-acetylcystein helps to thin out mucus thereby helping to prevent further secondary respiratory diseases.
Vitamin D has of late been touted as a miracle vitamin and has been found to help prevent cancer among other major diseases. Recently it has also come to light that those people taking high doses of vitamin D (2000 units and above) are less likely to contract the flu. Some have suggested that this is why the flu is so rare in the summer months when people are getting so much vitamin D through direct sunlight. In prison ward in which the flu virus was rampant, only one ward avoided getting sick and this ward was the only one receiving high levels of vitamin D supplementation. Taking some extra vitamin D therefore through the winter months will not only help ward off flues, but if nothing else will also give you a mood boost.
On the first sign of cough, holding a liquid combination of Echinacea and Goldenseal in a non-alcohol formula in your mouth for about ten to fifteen minutes will help a great deal. Repeat this every few hours and this will actually halt the viruses reproduction. Goldenseal has natural antibiotic properties and Echinacea is extremely effecting at boosting the body’s defenses against illness.