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jeremywh1 asked 3 weeks ago

Keto go fit  matter that I actually worked for long hours; people thought I was lazy I sometimes felt like everyone was thinking you are fat because you are lazy My uncontrolled weight gain began affecting my social life I constantly felt tired and ashamed of myself I enrolled in various cardio classes and tried a variety of diets but the results werent satisfactory Once or twice I gave up on my workout routines and tried a few supplements trying to look for a quickfix I couldnt stand my body Nothing worked One evening my sister told me about a supplement she had seen online Apparently her friend had used the product and committed to a workout regimen and she had lost 0 pounds within two months Given my experience with weight loss supplements I was a little skeptical but I decided to check it out; I was desperate anyway So this is how I came about buying Keto go fit and am thankful I did because combined with regular physical activity; this supplement helped me lose pounds over just weeks.