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cfgtrdza asked 4 weeks ago

Some are afraid of how much taxes will go up. They say that more and more people will have to get social services which will increase the amount of welfare that the people of the United States pay for. Others are worried that they will lose health insurance that they pay for but might or might not use due to this. Fungus Eliminator Miss Angela loves talking to people; and when back pain wouldn’t let her tend bar anymore, she worried about how she’d make money and still get to chat with strangers while sitting down. Some friends suggested she start driving a taxi. And a dream job Health Care was born. 
During the recession when Fungus Eliminator co-pays increased, and those on fixed incomes noticed a drop in their money, and as health insurance companies started knocking off certain things they wouldn’t pay for any more it was amazing that people went to the doctor less and they were prescribed fewer drugs, all of which saved us money. The most interesting thing is the death rate of seniors did not increase.