Fighting Hair Loss – What You Can Do About It!

QuestionsFighting Hair Loss – What You Can Do About It!
mathewjohn asked 4 weeks ago

It is recommended that you are as open and honest¬† Hair Revital X Review¬†about your hair transplant hopes and expectations. Although a near-full head of hair can be restored, the success of surgery depends on a lot of factors including genetic hair loss. For instance, if you are a male in his 20s with hair thinning and close family members also experience hair loss well into their 50s, it’s likely that your hair loss will continue beyond any transplant surgery. While a good hair loss consultant will assess all relevant factors that impact on the success of surgery, it is also helpful to bring in a photo of your desired appearance – perhaps from an earlier age. This will help the hair consultant assess how realistic your expectations are. Being open and honest from the outset will save you time, money and a lot of emotional energy!
Given the high number of individuals who wish to undergo surgery but for one reason or another are not suitable candidates, it is worth being open to other forms methods of hair replacement. These might include options that you haven’t even considered – or indeed heard of – before. For instance, there are methods of non-surgical semi-permanent hair replacement that are custom-made for you and result in a full head of hair. For women, a (non-surgical) procedure called Hair Integration blends real hair with your own and is very natural-looking. The ultimate goal of any hair consultant is restore your natural hair appearance – and hopefully confidence – using the most suitable method for you. So it’s advisable to keep an open mind and carry out some research in advance of your consultation to learn about other forms of hair restoration.
If you have already started your search for wigs, you will probably have come across the term ‘monofilament-top’ wigs. The base of a ladies wig can be made of several different types of materials. A monofilament top wig has a different type of material at the very top or scalp area of the wig. It is a fine gauze-like material which is flesh-coloured. The hair is attached using an invisible knotting technique. The ultimate effect is that hair looks like it’s growing out of the scalp. So, when you wear your wig, you can part your hair any way and it will look incredibly natural. The ultimate benefit is versatility of styling and hair that looks just like your own. Mono top wigs are very popular and particularly beneficial for long-term wearers.