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Francis Manning asked 4 months ago

High-quality and properly selected false eyelashes are able to completely transform the face, make it bright and attractive. The advantages of false eyelashes can be called their relatively inexpensive cost and ease of gluing. An important factor in favor of false eyelashes is a large range of products for any celebration. This is not only the classic options that make the face as attractive as possible, and at the same time natural. Today in fashion false eyelashes of all shapes and sizes: blue, green, decorated with rhinestones and feathers. These types of false eyelashes are suitable for creating a festive image.
There are downsides. This is the impossibility of using girls suffering from frequent blepharitis and conjunctivitis. Have a chance and are hypersensitive to the ingredients, like glue, and the eyelashes. But, in fairness, it should be said that allergies to mascara or eyeliner for the eye contour is much more common.

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Madame answered 4 months ago

In my daily makeup I often use false eyelashes https://alleyelashes.com/urbandecay/. I prefer to buy cosmetics and beauty products only famous brands, because it is a guarantee of quality and success in makeup. False eyelashes urbandecay very easy to apply and gives the eyes an unearthly appeal.